Operation Principle of Eletrostatic Precipitator(E.P)

The treatment process begins with the pollution emissons passing through the filter, then go into the discharged filter plate.

In the discharged filter plate area, it will be divided into 2 stages:

  • First stage: Ionization. Polluted particles suspended in emissions will pass through an extremely strong electrostatic discharge and become charged particles, thereby becoming positively charged ions.
  • Second stage: The positively charged ions that enter the second stage will be attracted to the area of opposite charge and cling to the metal surface, over time forming a layer of dirty oil on the filter.

Dirty oil due to weight so a part will follow the vents below the filter to flow into the oil trough. The filters after being stained for a while will be cleaned, with a proper cleaning process, they can be rotated using.

Some particular Project’s configuration diagrams:








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