Project At a Manufacturing Line

Images before and after the installation at manufacturing line

Originally, this line had been installed with fume filter system with PP plastic pipeline system, but the filtration efficiency was not good and this old system even causes a fire. So they decided to remove all the old ones and replace them with VIET-KAOH’s advanced technology equipments.

  The treatment system consists of the main components:

  • E.P: 1 set gồm 6 máy PLJ-400H
  • Air intake motor: 1



After the fume treatment system has been installed at the screw head stamping line. If we look closely, we see that before finishing and running, the smoke emitted like mist to blur an area, after installation is complete and turn on the PLJ-400H system, there is no smoke and fume visible.

Reference video link for the efficiency of VIET-KAOH’s Equipment:




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